Tuesday, October 14, 2014

No time for blog, processing trip photos

Despite the best of intentions, I did not have time to post blogs after Germany & Austria on this trip. Rick Steves’ Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour kept me very busy! I managed to keep my travel journal up-to-date, and I also took over 3,500 photos…a new high for any trip I have taken. I have worked on this collection of photos every day for the three weeks since returning home, and just today I can say I have completed annotating and locating them (Latitude, longitude, and place names). This is a major milestone.

The key to creating web pages on my main JoeTourist website to cover the destinations and special features of this tour is my travel journal and photos and videos. I also add maps, links to relevant websites, and other helpful information, but my thoughts and experiences while traveling are key to keeping my travelogue style website interesting and useful to others. The photos and videos bring the words alive, and for some people, the photos are all they are interested in…

To that end, I am now in the process of publishing my photos and videos to my media hosting site photos.joetourist.ca. I actually short circuited the process a bit by extracting all the “people pictures” I took of our tour group enjoying themselves - both posed and candid. Members of the group wanted access to these photos as soon as possible, so I quickly scanned through my photos and published them online a week or so ago. All that is left to do is rate the photos, perform some simple development procedures to make them suitable for viewing on a computer screen, and publish them. My aim is always to publish no more than one in ten photos, but sometimes that slips to one in six! We shall see how ruthless I can be over the next several days!

In the mean time, here are the “people pictures” to tease you about the locations we visited on this terrific tour of Western Europe. Stay tuned...

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