Sunday, June 22, 2014

Posted to Hawaii, Fanning Island & French Polynesia Cruise

The typical process for posting a new trip to my website takes several months to complete. While I'm travelling, I try to post to this JoeTourist blog once each week, or more often if I have the time. That material ultimately finds its way to my main JoeTourist website, but of course I edit the material down a bit, then add new material taken from research I have done after returning home. I also add maps, videos and photos, and links to interesting resources about the places I visited.

The latest trip I took cruising from San Diego to the Hawaiian Islands, Fanning Island and French Polynesia is now online and available for viewing.

I'm still working on integrating some videos into the photo albums, and also still have to edit and post the photographs I took inside the Statendam ship, but the material is otherwise ready for viewing.  Enjoy!

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