Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Processing photos from 2014 Hawaii-French Polynesia cruise

I bring my MacBook Air notebook computer with me when I travel. I use it to keep my travel journal and to annotate my photographs as I take them. I try to work on the photos after each day’s outings and tours, so I remember as many details as possible. My travel journal and photos are the major components of my JoeTourist website.

While I am traveling, I try to post at least one entry here on my JoeTourist blog each week (as access to the Internet allows). I also download photos from my cameras to my computer daily, and then quickly process a few photos relevant to each blog entry, and upload low resolution versions to my photo hosting site on Flickr. As it turns out, it is easy to post a nice collection of my photos from Flickr to my blog, and post my blog, all at the same time. This minimizes my effort, which means I have more time to enjoy my travels without being a slave to technology.

I also shoot some video while traveling, but I don’t process it until I return home. I find video infinitely harder to process than still photos, and consider myself a newbie with video processing.

I have reviewed all my photos and video taken while on this latest cruise to Hawaii, Fanning Island, and French Polynesia. High quality versions of my travel photos are now available online from my photo galleries on Zenfolio.

I am currently working on editing my travel journal entries into my permanent record of my cruise, which will appear on my JoeTourist website within the next few weeks. In the mean time, please enjoy the slideshow (below) of my travels in the South Pacific.

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Joe Carr said...

Since I wrote this, Flickr has discontinued support for posting a photo gallery t Blogger, my blogging service. It never fails...I find an efficient method of sharing my travel experiences, and the feature disappears!