Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Local marketDivided highway  out of Papeete heading along the north shoreSurfer and his surfboard traveling along the north shoreSurf along the north shoreParishoners attending Ash Wednesday services4X4 crossing the river
WaterfallVery green leafWaterfall falling directly into the reservoirTahitians having a BBQ and swimming in the riverMisty lush valleyMisty lush valley with the river below
4X4 on a steep hill in the lush valleyMisty lush valleyWild surf on the North ShoreMataval Bay with Papeete and the reef behindPapeete and the reef from the North Shore with Moorea behindJoe at Belevedere lookout
Mataval Bay with Moorea behindSwimmers on a black sand beach in Mataval BayNot much traffic on Boulevard Pomare on Missionary Day holidayVaima Shopping CenterBlack pearl shopMarine Nationale
Tahiti, a set on Flickr.
March 5, 2014 – Wednesday – Tahiti, French Polynesia

My excursion this morning is called Off the Beaten Track: Tahiti by 4-Wheel Drive, which is another tour using 4X4 trucks, but this time to explore the interior of Tahiti. We drive along the north coast of Tahiti from Papeete to the Papenoo Valley, and then head inland up to the base of one of the volcano calderas, now covered in lush tropical vegetation, with a river and waterfalls. The river is used for hydropower generation, although the dams, reservoirs and power stations are very small by British Columbia standards. We return using the same route, marveling at the huge rough surf crashing on the rocks and shoreline, and stop at an outlook over Mataval Bay and its black beach, with Papeete and Moorea behind.

After lunch, I venture out to walk around Papeete for a few blocks. Everything is closed today, since it is Ash Wednesday (and Missionary Day), both a civic and religious holiday. There are a few restaurants open and a few tourist shops, but otherwise the city is closed for the day. The Vaima Shopping Center was newly opened when I was here in 1978, but it is closed for the holiday like most other retail. The afternoon heat is a killer, so I return to the ship.

This evening there is a special folkloric Tahitian dance troupe the Showroom aboard ship: Tahiti Ora. They are top-notch, high-energy performers, and the room is packed for their single performance. After the show, the rain is pouring down outside.

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