Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 9 – Panama City, Panama

The Rotterdam is anchored for the day in Panama Bay, however I have no shore excursions scheduled, so I can take it easy today aboard ship. This ends up being a wise decision since it pours rain most of the day.  I go ashore for about a half hour to have a look around the local community Fuerte Amador, however there is nothing of interest to me there…just tour and taxi stands, souvenir shops, and a few restaurants.  There are also some very expensive-looking boats moored in the local marinas.

I spend a quiet afternoon working on my notebook computer annotating the 160 photos and videos I took of our Panama Canal transit from yesterday.  I also enter place name location data for each photo to supplement the GPS position tagging. I find doing this as I travel rather than after I return home makes it much easier to cope with all the photos I take on my travels.  I can turn out regular blog entries while I travel, and I can update my JoeTourist website much more quickly after the trip ends.

Three young men perform in the show lounge this evening, singing classic songs from the stage and screen from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. I find it kind of funny that the songs they are performing were hits when these guys weren’t even born!  The tenor has the strongest voice, but the other two are good singers as well. I enjoy their show.  Two of them had roles on soap operas (daytime drama TV shows), hence their group’s name, Matinee Idols. I saw them hanging out on the deck earlier today. They stood out since they are young and good-looking, as compared with most of the rest of the men on this ship who are old and not-so-good looking!

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