Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 22 – Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica

I take a tour this morning, which takes us over the new highway to San Jose, but we turn off and go to the upper reaches of the Taracoles River for a mangrove swamp boat trip. The bus then takes us to the train station in Orotina for a train ride back down to the coast near where Rotterdam is docked.

We do see nesting Scarlett Macaws (from a distance), Crocodiles, a Jesus Christ Lizard, and some birds. The boat trip really doesn’t live up to my expectations, since it is so rushed, and we really don’t cover much of the river. The mangrove swamp boat trips from La Ensenada Lodge I took on previous visits to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast were so much better.  The train trip is more interesting, especially when the middle passenger car derails.  The train crew uses a diverter to maneuver the car’s wheels back on the rails in short order.

We see lots of interesting things along the way, including fields of cantaloupe and watermelon, the backyards of many Tico houses, some cute kids waving at us as we pass by, a long tunnel, and ever changing vegetation as we descend to the Pacific Coast. The bus is waiting for us at the station at Mata de Limon to take us back to the ship, which is only five minutes away.

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