Friday, December 09, 2011

Day 19 – Guayaquil, Ecuador

Since I am staying aboard ship today, after breakfast I go outside to take photos from the Lower Promenade Deck and Deck 6 Forward.  The Guayas River is an interesting and active transportation network.  There is a dredge working practically alongside the Rotterdam, pumping river sludge onto a nearby island. The Ecuadorian navy ships glide by on a regular basis. There are a procession of private boats and tugs cruising by the Rotterdam with people waving and taking photos, almost as though they never see cruise ships regularly.  I make good progress reading my book in a recliner on the Lower Promenade Deck, and then later inside in the Library.

The ship leaves the dock precisely at 3PM; backing up beside a couple of docked container ships before turning around to head out into the navigation channel.  The Guayas River soon widens out considerably, and I see dolphins, Egrets, and other shorebirds.  There are people in dugout canoes with primitive sails, and others in powerboats along the way.  There are also lots of freighters anchored out in the river.  I assume they are waiting for dock space.  Among the numerous islands, there are some big shellfish growing operations – I assume they are producing shrimp or crayfish.  It takes Rotterdam almost four hours to clear the river and enter the saltwater so we can be on our way up to the next port of call, Manta, Ecuador.

My friends and I have some Becks beer on the Lido pool deck, which is very pleasant since the weather is warm despite being overcast. We decide to dine al fresco, having a simple meal from the Lido buffet as the ship proceeds down the Guayas River.  A lovely way to end a day at leisure, as darkness descends.

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