Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Libyan rebels are winning...behind the lines

Libyan rebels improvise weapons to sustain their fight
against Gaddafi's forces. Photo: Washington Post
It has been three months since I have posted an article on the Libyan rebellion.  I have followed news about this long and protracted civil rebellion against a ruthless ruler (I won't call Gaddafi their leader anymore).

I just read a report from Libya in the Washington Post titled Among Libyan rebels, reluctant warriors.  What an inspiring article!  It talks about the rebels improvising to continue their battle with the troops loyal to Gaddafi; how they are not professional soldiers, but believe with all their heart in a free Libya.

I'm confident they will achieve this noble goal, because of what I read further into the article.  They have the support of the people behind the lines they are pushing forward slowly day by day.  The Libyan people who have lived behind the lines for so many months are now used to their freedom from the tyrant. They will never let their country go back to the way it was - full of secrecy, fear, and violence.  They can now freely talk about subjects which were previously forbidden on pain of death.  They want to see their country move to a moderate, peaceful and inclusive Arab state.

The Libyan people I met while on my Solar Eclipse trip to the Sahara in 2006 were so friendly and treated us as their honoured guests, despite living (literally) in fear of their lives every day.  I want to return to Libya for a visit once they are liberated from the tyrant.  I know I will be welcomed once again...I am so looking forward to that time.

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