Sunday, March 13, 2011

The time is now or never for Libya

Andrew Raunsley's article in The Guardian today asks the question Are we content to let Colonel Gaddafi win?  As he points out, the European Union, the USA and the UK, NATO, the Arab League, and the UN Security Council are all sitting on their collective hands while the world watches Gaddafi and his thugs massacre the Libyan people.  That is the stark truth at the moment.

As you can see in the faces of the rebels in the photo, they are disheartened and beaten.  Gaddafi's forces have superior equipment and training, and they are driving eastward through the country.

Gaddafi's forces have the last rebel western city Misurata under siege.  No doubt this city will meet the same fate as Zawiyah, where Gaddafi's forces destroyed the city and its people so badly, they had to send in a cleanup crew ahead of the well-orchestrated press tour that followed. There is virtually nobody left in that city: the shops are closed and the houses are empty.  If Gaddafi's forces found anyone, they were immediately taken away, according to a BBC report I read a couple of days ago.

The people living in Misurata will now be treated to the same horrors, while the western diplomats discuss the finer points of the Libyan rebellion in an opulent meeting room in Paris.  There won't be any blood on the floor in Paris, nor will they see body parts flying though the air from a shrapnel attack.  It will all be quiet decorum punctuated with sips of bottled water.  I predict it will culminate with Hilliary Clinton and her European colleagues releasing yet another demand for Gaddafi to stop what he is doing and leave Libya, while they assure everyone that their planning is continuing.

How pathetic!

These are war crimes happening right under their noses.  If Gaddafi prevails, what will follow will make the genocide that happened in Rwanda in 1994 look tame in comparison.

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