Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No support for the Libyan people

I must confess that writing today's entry in this blog is difficult for me.  I held some hope that my country of Canada, which is held in such high regard by so many around the world, would actively try to support the Libyan people's dream of freedom and democracy.  I took for granted that like-minded western countries such as the USA, the UK, France, Germany and perhaps even Italy would get involved in supporting the overthrow of a regime which ruthlessly suppresses from the Libyan people those very freedoms and democracy which we Canadians take for granted.

The Libyan Provisional Transitional National Council asked those western countries to support them by leveling the playing field for the rebellion against the Gadafi forces...to give them a chance to reclaim Libya for its people.  Sad to say, the western countries sat on their hands, and even the Arab League was too timid to take any meaningful action against Gadafi. This lack of action gives a strong signal to other dictators in Arab countries: it is OK to use force against your own people in order to retain power.

The people of Benghazi and Tobruk are now packing up their things and fleeing their homes; forced to leave their beloved country if they value their lives.  The next phase of the action by the Gadafi forces is very predictable: the complete elimination of any opposition to their rule. The "disappearances", imprisonment, and killing of the Libyan people over the coming weeks will go largely unreported.  Gadafi, his family and supporters are masters at control of the news media.  They will invite the outside press to "tours", manage them, selectively feed them stories, and even threaten them and kill them if need be.  In the end, the Gadafi version of the events will be all the world hears, sees, and reads about.

The beautiful Libyan people will once again be living under the oppression they have known all too well for the last forty years.It is a sad day for freedom and democracy.

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