Sunday, March 13, 2011

Libya's Gadafi getting help from his friends?

An interesting story was just filed by the Globe and MailRebels fear other regimes are throwing support behind Gadhafi’s forces. Omar Hariri, military head of the Libyan Provisional Transitional National Council says they suspect both Algeria and Syria have been sending armaments and troops to help Gadafi forces turn the tide on the rebellion.  Both Algeria and Syria deny these allegations, but read the article for yourself.

Apparently the rebels flashed up the radar at Benghazi airport and tracked air traffic movements across the country.  They gave reports of "a disturbing number of Algerian military flights to airstrips controlled by Col. Gadhafi." to the Globe and Mail reporter.  Of course, during a war, it is not unheard of for aircraft to change their normal transponder codes to fool the enemy.

This could also just be posturing by the rebel Council to help the western countries make their decision in favour of providing a no-fly zone at their meeting in Paris coming up in a few hours.  If NATO monitoring aircraft can substantiate these allegations, imposing the no-fly zone to cut off that critical support to the Gadafi forces might just happen in the nick of time.

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