Monday, March 21, 2011

Candian fighter jets fly over Libya

Canada is an active contributor to the coalition of nations enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya, and today our air crews flew their first sortie.  I am proud of Canada's contribution to this effort, and wish our crews well.  Let's hope everyone comes back home safe and sound, once this conflict is resolved.

I am encouraged to see the Libyan rebels taking advantage of the cover and confusion provided by the coalition air strikes against Gadhafi's forces.  They appear to be working on retaking Ajdabiya and other key cities they lost to the loyalist forces several days ago.  They reiterated they are happy to see the bombing runs striking Gadhafi's forces, but they do not want to see any foreign troops on the ground.  Everyone agrees on this point.  As I said when this conflict started, it is up to the Libyan rebels, and ultimately the Libyan people as a whole if Gadhafi stays or goes.  For now, we watch and wait.

My positive thoughts are with the Libyan people as they live through this horror show.

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