Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photos from the trip posted

After a month of concerted effort, I have created two collections of photos to cover the trip on the Volendam from Vancouver to Auckland, and our subsequent tour of the North Island of New Zealand.

It helped to have my notebook computer along with me on the trip, so I could download the photos from the cameras and edit some of the photos as we traveled.  On such a long trip of six weeks duration, the photos become quite overwhelming once you return home.  I used ACDSee Pro 3 software both on my notebook while traveling, and later at home to organize and annotate each photo.  This way, I knew what the subject of the photo what, where it was taken, and any other background information that might prove useful.

Photos and video taken while I travel become my main souvenir.  The travel journal I write as I travel becomes my main memory of a trip, in fact, I find the interesting details of the trip soon fade without these two sources: photos and journal.  Of course, my memory of the trip never fades in a general sense, but the details soon slip into oblivion.  For example, trying to remember the name of that fantastic restaurant we found in Te Kuiti in ten year's time is impossible without referring to my journal.  Remembering the wonderful food would be equally impossible without the photos I took at the table before we dug in.

Keep in mind, my ultimate goal is to build my photos, video, maps, and other useful information into my main JoeTourist website.  This work is a travelogue style of presentation with each location I have visited profiled as best I can.  Obviously my travel journal forms the basis for this work, although I find looking at my photos can jog my memory after I return home, prompting me to enhance my journal with additional detail.  I also research the locations I have visited as I build an entry in my JoeTourist website, which also results in enhanced details for a particular locale.

So yes, my next task is to build entries to cover this long trip into my main JoeTourist website.  This work will take several months, but it is fun to relive the sights we saw, the people we encountered, and yes, the food we ate!  So stay tuned for one final announcement on this blog, once my main JoeTourist website includes the Volendam cruise and the North Island of New Zealand.

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