Saturday, January 24, 2009

JoeTourist's Botswana and Zambia are online

I am pleased to announce that my main website now contains my travelogue, maps, photos and video covering my travels in Botswana and Zambia. The safaris in these two countries was an experience not to be missed.

Victor, our guide was wonderful - helping us see all the big game, and yet doing it at a comfortable pace. I quickly learned that going on safari meant getting up before sunrise, since tht is when the animals are most active. The midday heat (40°C in the shade) is the time to have a siesta, not to be out tramping around. The animals have a siesta through the hottest part of the day as well, so the well know phrase "Only mad dogs and Englishmen..." is quite true!

This is the first time I've taken along a high definition video camera on my travels. I think it was worthwhile, since video conveys more information about my experiences than still photos or my narratives do. Not that I'll do away with my traditional travelogues anytime soon!

I hope you enjoy this installment of JoeTourist's Africa. Stay tuned for more - I'm working on the South Africa segment, and expect it to be completed by mid-February.

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