Friday, June 16, 2006

JoeTourist Libya finally available

I finally finished sorting through all my photos taken in Libya, and editing the narrative from my travel journal. After creating a few cool maps and satellite views using Google Earth (what a great tool!), I was finally ready to tackle my JoeTourist Libya site. For those of you who are interested in statistics, I took about 360 photos and video while I was travelling in Libya, and you will find 116 photos and video on the JoeTourist Libya website. 96 of the photos were taken by me, and the rest were taken by other members of my RASC Eclipse tour group. Thanks Geoff and Lucy for allowing me to use your great-looking photos on my website. When creating my JoeTourist websites devoted to specific locations, I alway try to toss 9 out of 10 original photos taken, and I'm happy if I end up using 8 out of 10. I bent the rules a bit in the case of Libya, since it is such an interesting country, and folks who have viewed my photos already have told me they wanted that's a good sign. I hope you enjoy the extra narrative and maps my JoeTourist Libya website offers over this blog. Now I'm working on Italy...

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