Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tripoli, Libya

I connected with my group in Toronto, and we arrived in Tripoli without incident. Tripoli is a very interesting city: very large, very Arabic, and very well developed. The city and its surrounds are so interesting. We just returned today from Sabrata. This ancient coastal city now in ruins is absolutely huge. I really didn't appreciate the scale of the site. Sabrata was part of the Phonecian, Greek and Roman empires, among others. I wanted to post a photo from our time there today, but it will have to wait - I just can't decide which photo to use! Tomorrow we travel to Leptis Magna, described as an even larger site than Sabrata, and another coastal city. If it's ancient civilizations you wish to see, then the Mediterranean coast of Libya should be a destination you check out. Of course, the main event - the Solar Eclipse is coming up fast now. We leave for Benghazi in two day's time and the following day depart for our camp in the Sahara.

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