Tuesday, March 21, 2006

1 day to go

Tommorrow I travel from my hometown of Victoria to Toronto, where I overnight. The following afternoon I meet the Toronto RASC group at the airport, where we will embark on our little adventure to Libya and Italy. We will meet our American friends either in Milan or Tripoli. I'm starting to get a bit distracted, so I guess that means I'm also excited and ready to go. Lots of details have been taken care of in the last week:

  • taking note of last minute changes to our itinerary
  • rechecking ticketing, Visas, and entry requirements
  • ensuring my finances and other personal stuff are in good shape
  • making arrangements for continuity of my JoeTourist private business, as well as coverage for my job with the Province of British Columbia.

As I state in my JoeTourist Travel Tips, one can survive any trip with the following essentials:

  • passport
  • US$ cash
  • immunization certificate
  • major credit card (VISA and/or MasterCard)
  • tickets (airline, cruise line, train, tour coupons, etc.) - not essential, but it sure makes life easier!

I have all of this covered, and just have to make sure I leave home with these items! My only variation on this list is that I'm taking Euros cash instead of US$, since Euros are apparently more easily exchanged in Libya, and they will be essential when I'm travelling in Italy and Greece.

I have been asked repeatedly this past week if I'm packed. My stock answer is "no", I have my packing lists for my checked bag and my carry-on. I pack the night before I leave, and simply go through the lists, checking off items as they go into the bags. I find this makes it much easier than partially packing a bag ahead of time, then having to take stuff out to use and remembering to put it back.

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Have a safe journey!