Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm excited!

It is less than four weeks until I leave on March 22nd, so the pre-travel excitement has finally hit me! I am taking vaccines for protection against Typhoid and Cholera, although Libya as well at Italy and Greece are clean countries. I'm playing safe mainly because of unknown conditions in the Libyan desert when we camp overnight for the eclipse day. Our camp is located between Jalu and Awjilha in an oasis. Here is a message from our Libyan guide:

First of all our eclipse sight shall be in Ojala in a very good farmland location the sight is about 40 km from the centerline but the camp is chosen by its strategic possibility if we get a sand storm which is usually windy season for the desert during ends of March and April so if there is that case clients can choose who wants to stay in the camp and watch the eclipse for 2m 14 s or drive 20 minutes down the road for to the exact centerline. The Ojala camp is surrounding by trees which would give it a good barrier against strong wind, blowing sand, and dust into the eyes. The bus shall be available if clients would like to travel to another location if weather situation is bad for the viewing.

We have also learned we will have a satellite telephone available with our group, and each group leader will also have a cellphone for emergency contact as required. I am gaining confidence that the arrangements are sound, and we will actually see the solar eclipse! We have an email list setup for our little group of 21 RASC members and friends. Is is interesting reading about the pre-trip jitters of others: how much funds to take and what form (travellers cheques - NOT, cash - YES, Euros or Dinars (probably Euros), credit cards - NOT). We are fortunate that most of our expenses are prepaid, so there is little need to carry large amounts of cash with us to Libya. Photograph by R. Pelisson,


khadijateri said...

I hope you enjoy your time in Libya!

Highlander said...

Don't worry Joe cellphones work in Ojla now !