Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ground arrangements in Libya

I paid for the ground arrangements in Libya today. This is a very expensive portion of the trip, costing some CD$335/day not including airfare. I sincerely hope Libya and the solar eclipse are worth it, and the arrangements justify the expense. Bestway Tours & Safaris have 30 years of experience in Libya, so I suppose I will trust them on this one. Needless to say I'm looking forward to experiencing my first total solar eclipse, and what better way than to be part of a small group of Canadian amateur astronomers who have experienced this type of event before. I seriously doubt I would travel to Libya alone, so this will be my one opportunity to experience this country and what it has to offer. We will be visiting Roman ruins which are said to be the best to be found anywhere around the Mediterranean. I have prepared for photographing the solar eclipse by rehearsing here at home using the same equipment I am taking on the trip: Canon Digital Rebel dSLR and a Canon 400mm L series telephoto lens equipped with a solar filter. Mounted on a Manfrotto photo tripod, this should give me the reach required to capture the solar eclipse with all its phases of activity. I will not take a telescope, unlike many of my fellow travellers. I also purchased a Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus AW backpack, which will go aboard aircraft with me, yet is big enough to pack my camera gear, clothes, and other travel gear. As an experienced traveller, I have developed packing light to a fine art, however this will be my first time travelling with a backpack.

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